Tuesday, 3 September 2013

It's a Rainbow!

I have been testing out a new camera lens. SO excuse the rather dodgy pictures, as they are circled with the lens which I put on backwards and didn't set the focus to 100%. But I just wanted to share here these rainbow photos and see what anyone thought of them :)
I learned quickly that this lens does give some great effects and I'm looking forward to practising it out more and seeing just how much I can do! If you point it at the sun like in photo one, you get a whole blast, like a firework.
Whereas if the light just catches you at a glance, especially if you're behind a tree, you get a beautiful shimmering effect like in photo two!
Mainly I posted to warn you there is another (better!) photography post coming with a whole range of my photos from Tarr Steps, in black and white.
I hope you like my photos!

~Yellow Jane~

Thursday, 22 August 2013

The Mermaid

So... I apologise for the lack of activity. I am currently on holiday! I thought I would share my latest piece of artwork here. It has taken me ages to complete, and I'm very happy with the end result:
Why did I draw a mermaid? No reason. Just felt like it :) It was drawn with fineliner pens, over a basic 2-D pencil outline of the shapes of the figure and rock she is sitting on.

If you look closely (sorry the picture is quite small) you may see a tear in her eye. There is also a small scratch on her arm, and on the point of the rock to the left hand side, there is a locket hanging from the rock. My idea was that she was in love with a sailor, who gave her the locket, but now has to leave. They argued and she was cut, and now she sits on the rock weeping for him....
It's also meant to be night time, because of the stars, and the reasonably dark sky. So that's it I suppose, I really hope you like her!

Yellow Jane

Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Ink Bookmarks

These are two pieces of work I made especially for my friends birthdays, and thought I would share them on here to launch the new art-feel! They are made from inks, and are reasonably simple. Coloured inks are nice and runny, similar to water, so once you have a base layer of colour down, you can then decorate it with other colours on top.
The green and yellow one began as a yellow square. I then added a mixture of green, brown, red, turquoise, and more yellow one top. It was meant to look like a forests colour scheme.
The red and orange one began as a pink square. And then like above, I added blue more pink, orange, and some yellow, to get the effect of a Sunset over the sea, on a warm summers day.
I hope you like them! And I hope the people I made them for loved them too. I cut them out of the paper, so they can be used as bookmarks. Although I'm sure they can be imaginative, and think of other uses too, should they need to. ;)
Forest Greens

Sunset over Sea

Thank you for reading!
~Yellow Jane~

Saturday, 13 July 2013

Woohoo! My Blog is new!


The following changes have been made:

-The address of this blog is now: www.yellowjane.com .
-The colour design of the blog has changed, and is slightly customised!
-The topics I write about will be slightly different. I am going to be focusing more on writing, art, and things like that, rather than talking about non-interesting stuff in real life no one wants to read, about my boring personal life!
-Pages have been added. Look at the top of the blog to find links to my other new blogs. One is a Book Reviews Blog, and one is a WIP History Blog.
-Old posts have been deleted, so as to get the new feel together!
-This blog will soon be advertised on other sites so as to get more followers... Maybe!

Thanks for your patience. I am hoping to get more followers to this blog soon, and will be posting about all the interesting things quickly! If you have any questions, feel free to ask in the comments below this post.

~Yellow Jane~

Thursday, 6 June 2013

It's Called OCD

Just wanted to confirm something, about a mental illness that millions of people seem to think they have. Many have completely misunderstood it, and I wanted to let people know.
The illness I'm talking about is OCD. Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. No, it is not 'Overly Cleaning Disorder' or even 'Obnoxious Canoo-riding Day'.
My grandad suffered from it, and my mum lived with OCD in her life for about 18 years, and beyond that, after she'd left home. It has come to my notice that there are a lot of people out there who literally do not get what OCD is at all. People who are a little fussy about keeping their things tidy say they have OCD, or other people tell them they have OCD because they like to keep their books in alphabetical order, for example.
If you do these things, you DO NOT HAVE OCD. You are just a perfectionist, a little fussy, or generally neat type of person. OCD is a completely different ball-game. Cleaning is just one of many problems people with OCD have.
The illness gives you a constant anxiety. Always lurking in the back of your mind. It cannot be helped, you worrying, because even if you know it's ridiculous it's still a concern that will not go away. Say you have OCD and you are driving your car to work, an hour away. Half an hour from home, suddenly, a thought looms. You say to yourself: "Did I check the upstairs bathroom window on the left hand side before I left?" This though then snowballs. "I didn't check it"
Then, "What could happen? Someone could break in!"
Then, "They could break things for fun!"
Then, "I'll come back and fine my house has been ransacked"
Then, "I'll come back and my house will have been burned down to the ground!"
And so on. It's a never ending cycle, that you know is ridiculous, yet you are unable to stop. Even though you are by now only fifteen minutes from your destination, and fourty-five minutes from home, you insist on turning round, and driving the long way home, to check the window in the upstairs bathroom on the left hand side.

You may also need to follow a routine. For example, say you have a collection of purfume bottles, like many women do, nowadays! Another thing you have, is OCD. Every day, you come inside, and 'tidy up' your perfume bottles. You take them all off the shelf, and put them on the floor, then you dust each one individually, and place them back on the shelf, in a particular order.
Lavender perfume MUST go on first, in the back right-hand corner, just the right distance away from the mirror. The vanilla spray MUST go on the front left hand side, second in from the front edge of the dresser. And it goes on, and on, and on. But it could get worse.
You could do this once, then feel the need to do it again. And maybe again. Three times is a commen number for those with OCD. But it is not unheard of to do things like this many more times. And despite the fact that the next day, all the bottles stand clean and in the exact same place as they stood yesterday, you have a compulsion, an obsessive compulsion one might say, to do it all over again, maybe three times!

Although cleaning in the stereo-type where the whole idea of 'overly cleaning disorder' comes from, it is genuinly part of the problem. When I say cleaning, however, I am not talking about getting a bit upset when a spec of jam falls on the sofa. I'm talking about scrubbing an already clean kitchen floor with a wire brush five times over until your hands are bleeding, and still not be happy with the outcome. Imagine it like spring cleaning your bedroom: you dust all the surfaces, you clean the windows, you change the bed sheets etc. But for you, not every day, or every week etc.
For those with OCD, this can be the case. Sometimes, they see germs everywhere, surrounding them, closing in on them, and they have to wipe all the surfaces and clean all the windows, even though a normal person would look at the room, and see an already very tidy space!
Maybe this whole 'germ' thing goes beyond the home. Maybe, you are scared to leave the house without a face mask to guard your mouth from germs, becasue you are terrified of every illness you could possibly catch. Maybe you must wear gloves 24/7 even in the height of Summer because you cannot touch anything with your bare skin. Maybe you have to wash all the change someone gives you in a shop, because it could be infected, or have a half hour bath EVERY night, no matter what, because you must. be. clean.

My grandfather suffered from this, you see. Luckily, I don't and my other family don't, but his illness affected the whole family. He could't travel, so that was holidays out of the question, because he couldn't leave the house without coming back and checking about two or three times that everything was tunred off and locked etc.
Work was a hastle for him, because he just couldn't cope with the stress of it all. In the end, he decided to take early retirement.
He would get angry and frustrated and depressed all the time! He shouted, although was not violant, and listened to opera at night, to calm himself, keeping my mum and her siblings and mum awake.
Sadly, in many ways, anyway, he passed away in 2000 at the age of 70. He had cancer, and the stress of his life cannot of helped him!
But my nanny lives on to this day. She is 76, now. Living with him has obviously limited her. And thank god he died first. My mum told me that every day she thanks God for the fact that he died first, however mean that sounds. She says this because he wouldn't have coped. He would have lost it, completely. And since of my mums siblings, one is in America, and one is dead, the responsibility of looking after an OCD father would be hers entirely.
And because he's gone, my nanny can travel, which she'd wanted to do her whole life. In the last decade since his death, she has travelled the world, and seen every continent apart from South America and Antarctica. She can finally, after a life of looking after others, live for herself.
My mum is stressed by his life. She still finds opera terrifying, and still has some nervous habits developed from a rather traumatic upbringing. She missed out, in many ways.

OCD is a terrible thing, and shoudln't be undermimed. FOr those that have it, it can be an never ending nightmare, and for those that live with those who have it, it is beyond just difficult. So please, for those people's sakes, do not joke about 'Overly Cleaning Disorder' or anything else.
Do not claim to have it, or accuse someone else of having it. Because if they did, or if you did, you would know about it, no problems.

If you have read this, thank you.

Yellow Jane

Sunday, 26 May 2013

10 Films You MUST See!

Here are my top ten films, listed in no particular order, that I love watching :)

1) Shakespere In Love
It's very hard to portray real passion in a film, I find, without it looking soppy, OTT, or just plain fake, and unbelievable! But for me, Shakespere In Love manages that, and can show the intimacy of a real, loving relationship. The story is great, and the ending is sad, yet somehow uplifting! I also think it is clever how it has good, funny, moments, as well as following a serious and believable storyline. And the fact that Judi Dench plays Queen Elizabeth always helps XD Love that actress!

2) Coraline
This is an animated film, the one about buttons for eyes! I think the animations in this film are just wonderful. They really create a dreamy, supernatural atmosphere, with the colours, and the shapes, and the setting and the characters. Plus, the whole idea of the story and the Other-Mother, I think is a good representation of how some people feel. A wonderful little film :)

3) The Help
I only saw this film really very recently, but it did it for me. It shows the harsh reality of life in the Southern States of America, in the times when Blacks and Whites were heavily seperate, following the stories of two black maid-servants, and one white journalist. The emotion is staggering. It's not easy to really make me feel something about a film on a TV screen, but this managed it. I was touched by the events! And not necessarily in a bad-way. Despite its serious topic, and dangerous storyline, it also had moments where you could laugh, and it ended happily, leaving me feel good :)

4) Knight and Day
A slight contrast to the last three, I know. But I love it! Every time I see it makes me laugh like I'm watching it for the first time. Not at all serious, but funny. It's an action film, I suppose, but like all these thing it makes me laugh! Camerson Diaz and Tom Cruiz play their parts really well.

5) Meet The Fockers
Another comedy. Although I know it requires a particular sence of humour, I find it hilarious! The jokes are dazzleingly innapropriate at times, but the awkward situations they come with are just brilliant :D Yet the near-end of the film presents a more serious side to the difficulties of family life, which is a good contrast, I think. It ends well, and I think it's a fun film :)

6) Alice In Wonderland
I'm speaking of the Tim Burton version. I love the scenery, and the unusual, querky version that it is. It is interpreted in a really different sort of way, and I like that! I also enjoy the artistic side of it: the artwork it uses, the animation mixed with reality, and the different creatures living there. The costumes too, are awsome! A really good film :)

7) St. Trinians 2
I can't remember if the second one has a full title or if it is just labelled as '2'. As you can see, if they make me laugh, I really like comedy, and St. Trinians does make me the laugh, but the second one moreso. The idea and the story and the fact that they're all school girls is great. I like the references dropped in throughout to older films, like the Italian Job!

8) The Sorcerers Apprentice
It's funny as well as a good blast of action. It has a good storyline that I hope they'll continue with, as it does have potential. I like the magic and the old-fashioned story mixed into the modern world, like it has returned. Fun to watch with friends too- a lot of good oppurtunities for 'comments'.

9) The Addams Family Values
The second of the Addams Family films, (can't judge the first one as it's unavailable on English TV's, which is a bummer). It's funny, basically. Wednesday Addams is definately one of the best characters on TV - she's definately one of my faivoraites anyway! The stereo-typical dark scenes are great, and the little jokes they make throughout, and the one liners, are all wel-thought through :D

10) The Most Exotic Marigold Hotel (or whatever it's called)
I find this a touching film, really good, and the great story of the characters developing throughout! It shows that the elderly still have a meaning, and still can have a good story, and that relationships, with time, develop. It also helps it has a whole bunch of the best actors and actresses in there :)

As for my favouraite actors, and actresses, there are a good few. But these two are probably the greatest:

Judi Dench. TV would't be the same without her! She is a true inspiration to me. I don't think any others are even comparible to her, in many ways. The number of character-types and different roles she can adapt her acting to is amazing. I've seen her in a lot, but she sticks out best in 'As Time GOes By' playing Jean Pargiter, and as M in James Bond! My favouraite actress, I'd say :)

Maggie Smith. Love her. She is my second favouraite. She has a great ability to play blunt characters, with good personalities! Downton Abbey just wouldn't be as good without her! And she also makes the Harry Potter films worth watching! ;) She's also a great part in the Marigold Hotel, and plays all her parts beautifully.

I don't think we realise quite how important drama is to our lives! I know I do it for GCSE and am a to-be drama A'Level student, but I honestly do think this. It is around us everywhere! Everytime we turn on the TV drama is there. It is on the radio, in music, and on theatre. The world wouldn't be the same without drama's ability to take us to another :')

Thanks for reading!

Yellow Jane

Sunday, 17 February 2013

You Don't Need To Be In Love

I think it's a commen view from a lot of people that the meaning of life is to find a partner and produce offspring. Many think that without having a partner, you're life is not as worthy as someone elses, and therefore they focus their whole life and most of their thoughts about being in love and thinking about romance.
But I don't think this is correct. I think it's entirely possible to live a happy life, and have a totally worth-while existance without love in your life. You can still have a great, important purpose in your life if you don't have kids and a husband or wife.
Think about being a nun. ( :D ) Nuns live their whole lives as virgins. Most of those women ain't even had their first kiss! And they're happy, in most cases. At least, if they're not, they choose not to become a nun! Simple, I think.
So I'm gonna say this bluntley. (if you haven't had the special cuddle talk with your mummies and daddies yet, look away now).
Sex is not all their is to life. Getting laid is not always the most important part of someone's life. There's a whole world full of things that can happen, and an entire universe with worth while things to discover and/or expierience.
Love takes over many people's lives. Love is what they apparently 'need'. But you don't. There is nothing forcing you to have sex, and nothing forcing you to have a boyfriend or a girlfriend, and no rules that say what you should and shouldn't do with your life.
There is too much pressure on people to focus their lives on being 'in love' and as a result, people's minds and views are distorted, and they're made to think there's nothing else worth doing. But there definately, definately is. Love is by no means meaningless. Don't get me wrong I'm no monk myself, but I don't agree that being in love is the most amazing thing that can happen to you!
I want a wife, sure. I'd personally like kids. But there are a lot of people that don't. And that's good on them. It doesn't mean they've done nothing with their lives by any means! Basically, as the title says, you don't need to be in love.

From Yellow Jane :)

Monday, 7 January 2013

Music Taste

Music tastes vary. My mum says that no matter what you say, you cannot change someone's tastes in music, and that their opinion on music may change with time, but never because of others saying it's crap. I think this is true, I have evidence before me, with my friends, who every time I tell them whatever music we're discussing is rubbish, they will never change. (poor souls, I do try to guide the little dears, but, you know...);)
So here is my opinion: Five best (my opinion), five worst (opinion!)

The Best: (not nesseccarily in order)

1) Taylor Swift. (Bet my friends didn't guess that... ;) ) Her voice is beautiful, and unique. Her songs have real meaning! She's very successful, much more so than many would think, and has something special in her music.
2) Lady Gaga! :D An absolute party animal, does absolutely bizaare things, but hey, she has confidence! You've gotta be brave to dress up in raw meat on a magazine cover! But her songs are good. Rebellious, and although they are good to dance to, they also have a message behind most of her songs.
3) Take That (minus Robbie Williams)... They're albums 'The Circus' and the other one where they're in a desert on the album cover, are good albums, although I only like a few of their songs. And Garry Barlow has a good voice. I think I've Said It All, as far as Take That is concerned ;)
4) Lilly Allen  Her songs have a greater depth to them than just singing about love: she has a real good way of saying things, and her songs include many clever lyrics. She swears a bit, famously, but at least she uses it when it is almost, 'needed'.
5) ABBA Old, I know, but I listen to them. I've tried to keep it modern, but I can't leave them out, they're just too well known, especially since their 'come-back' with Mama Mia (which I thankfully never watched).

So that is my five, I think. Now comes the bad, the one's who in my opinion need to get off the stage:

1) One Direction... OMG! They're so bad, their song 'Little Things' is one of the worst songs I've EVER heard. And I've heard a lot of bad songs...
2) Cheryl Cole They've made the mistake of letting her sing live on several occasions :P
3) Liona Louis (Is that how you spell her name? Her song 'Keep Bleeding' consists of her rubbing herself on every piece of furniture available!!!
4) James Arthur Talentless! All there is to say.
5) Celo Green Once more, apologies for mispellings. His voice is so annoying! Every song he's sung is annoying!

So that's it folks, my opinion of music, the good, and the bad. Don't know if you'll agree, but frankly, I'm pretty sure I've got this right ;)

What are your opinions? *publishes blog knowing there will be no response whatsoever*

Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Stalking Celebrities

Time for a bit of a rant. What on earth is people's obsession with Celebrities? There are people who dedicate their LIVES to buying posters and merchandise with some celebs face on it. What is the point? I wonder sometimes if it's because they use them as someone to follow.
That may be fair enough. But why do people want to know every detail of someone elses lives? At the end of the day, they're a normal person. Normal up to the point of being human, just happening to be bloody loaded, and famous. Why do people care?
What different does it make who Cheryl Cole is going out with? Why do people want to know the entire life of Ed Sheeren? Why do people care about what clothes One Direction are wearing? I just don't get it.
Magazines like Heat are simply to inform others about the lives of celebrities. They sell in millions, and as a result, even loads of sensible people know who Harry Styles is going out with. They read this stuff.
Phoenix even sent me a website called 'Who's Dated Who.Com'.
What the actual Hell? Someone sat down, found this stuff out, and then actually made a website? One that people actually read?
I am a great fan of Taylor Swift. I think she sings beautifully, and her songs have real meaning (unlike many other singers). Just because of this, it doesn't mean I want to know everything about her life. I care about her music not her shoe size.
Someone actually told me: OMG did you hear Taylor Swift is going out with Harry Styles (I think he's the right guy?) But you know what? Good for her, but I really don't care...
So why do people live their lives by reading up on other peoples? What's in it for them? Answers are apprieciated


PS- I told you it was gonna be a rant :D

Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Time After Time

If you tell me your secrets, I'll put them on Facebook,
Time After Time.
If you ask me the truth, I will say your adopted,
Time After Time.
If you buy a new dress, I will say that you look fat,
Time After Time.
If you gain self-esteem, my saracasm will crush you,
Time After Time.
If you buy something new, I will grab it, and break it,
Time After Time.
If you ask me for help, I will say you're a lost cause,
Time After Time.
If you get a partner, I'll get them to dump you,
Time After Time.
If you ask me to date you, I'll dump you at Christmas,
Time After Time.
If you trip down the stairs, I will step to the side,
Time After Time.
If you're hit by a bus, I shall laugh and take pictures,
Time After Time.
If you get a new pet, I will poison the pet-food,
Time After Time.
If you write a poem, I'll tell you it's rubbish,
Time After Time.
If you're looking at the screen, and thinking I'm nasty,
Get Over It!XD

:D Yellow Jane's adapted version of 'Time After Time'