Monday, 7 November 2011

Moment In History - The Protests

Hello, readers!
So yesterday i am walking through London, and i come across St Paul's. Of course, there is a protest camp there, and I took some pictures! And as i promised Phoenix a Photo Blog, i thought i would put them up; just so i can get the people, maybe a tiny bit more publicity for what seems to be a just cause.
There were many tents all up the side of the Cathedral, and there were policeman watching over them, just in case!

These tents were set up nearest the front, but not in the way of the stairs- I'm guessing health and safety. They were all crammed together, unbelievably close to each other.
As you can see, they are seperated from the street by those yellow and black things! (dont know their names!!)

As you can see here, the protestors have lined all the pillers of the building to the left of their camp!
Some posters had mottos on them, and some had pictures or cartoons. Many were drawn or written by the people themselves, and despite being damp and a bit smudgy because of the rain, you could still read there shocking facts and figures.
It was a pretty cool veiw, with the rows and rows of pillers covered with the posters.

Just in case you can't see it for whatever reason, the poster says:
"Last year FTSE 100 executives awarded themselves a 49% pay rise. They gave their workers only 2.5%."

This is what they were mainly protesting about: the bosses give themselves huge bonuses and pay rise, and pay minimal tax rates, when the average hard working person gets lower pay, higher taxes, and no bonuses. An unfair economy.

This is the camps 'StarBooks, Occupation Library'. A very clever idea, and probably the only things that these people can do in their free time!
The library was reasonably well equipped, and was taking donated books, so if you have any spare books, and are going into London Centre, donate them!
There was also a shop selling basic tinned supplies and drinks- but mainly soups, so they can last for as long as they want and won't run out of food.


 And the final photo i can upload (it takes HOURS) is this. The blue banner you can see states 'Real Democracy Now'. There is also a Portaloo, but DiamondHeart will be disappointed to know it is not a Pikachu Portaloo. ;)

I don't mean to come across all political by this blog, but i just wanted to give publicity to this campaighn. The government is stealing money from the lower classes and allowing the richer members of society to give themselves huge amounts of money.
As Meg Rossof said in her blog 'Rupert Murdoch gives himself a huge bonus, and gives has a 6% tax rate, as well as having a massive salery. Her cleaner works longer hours, is paid the minimum wage, and pays a 20% tax rate.'

The government is going to have to change in the end, i guess.

Thanks for reading!