Sunday, 26 May 2013

10 Films You MUST See!

Here are my top ten films, listed in no particular order, that I love watching :)

1) Shakespere In Love
It's very hard to portray real passion in a film, I find, without it looking soppy, OTT, or just plain fake, and unbelievable! But for me, Shakespere In Love manages that, and can show the intimacy of a real, loving relationship. The story is great, and the ending is sad, yet somehow uplifting! I also think it is clever how it has good, funny, moments, as well as following a serious and believable storyline. And the fact that Judi Dench plays Queen Elizabeth always helps XD Love that actress!

2) Coraline
This is an animated film, the one about buttons for eyes! I think the animations in this film are just wonderful. They really create a dreamy, supernatural atmosphere, with the colours, and the shapes, and the setting and the characters. Plus, the whole idea of the story and the Other-Mother, I think is a good representation of how some people feel. A wonderful little film :)

3) The Help
I only saw this film really very recently, but it did it for me. It shows the harsh reality of life in the Southern States of America, in the times when Blacks and Whites were heavily seperate, following the stories of two black maid-servants, and one white journalist. The emotion is staggering. It's not easy to really make me feel something about a film on a TV screen, but this managed it. I was touched by the events! And not necessarily in a bad-way. Despite its serious topic, and dangerous storyline, it also had moments where you could laugh, and it ended happily, leaving me feel good :)

4) Knight and Day
A slight contrast to the last three, I know. But I love it! Every time I see it makes me laugh like I'm watching it for the first time. Not at all serious, but funny. It's an action film, I suppose, but like all these thing it makes me laugh! Camerson Diaz and Tom Cruiz play their parts really well.

5) Meet The Fockers
Another comedy. Although I know it requires a particular sence of humour, I find it hilarious! The jokes are dazzleingly innapropriate at times, but the awkward situations they come with are just brilliant :D Yet the near-end of the film presents a more serious side to the difficulties of family life, which is a good contrast, I think. It ends well, and I think it's a fun film :)

6) Alice In Wonderland
I'm speaking of the Tim Burton version. I love the scenery, and the unusual, querky version that it is. It is interpreted in a really different sort of way, and I like that! I also enjoy the artistic side of it: the artwork it uses, the animation mixed with reality, and the different creatures living there. The costumes too, are awsome! A really good film :)

7) St. Trinians 2
I can't remember if the second one has a full title or if it is just labelled as '2'. As you can see, if they make me laugh, I really like comedy, and St. Trinians does make me the laugh, but the second one moreso. The idea and the story and the fact that they're all school girls is great. I like the references dropped in throughout to older films, like the Italian Job!

8) The Sorcerers Apprentice
It's funny as well as a good blast of action. It has a good storyline that I hope they'll continue with, as it does have potential. I like the magic and the old-fashioned story mixed into the modern world, like it has returned. Fun to watch with friends too- a lot of good oppurtunities for 'comments'.

9) The Addams Family Values
The second of the Addams Family films, (can't judge the first one as it's unavailable on English TV's, which is a bummer). It's funny, basically. Wednesday Addams is definately one of the best characters on TV - she's definately one of my faivoraites anyway! The stereo-typical dark scenes are great, and the little jokes they make throughout, and the one liners, are all wel-thought through :D

10) The Most Exotic Marigold Hotel (or whatever it's called)
I find this a touching film, really good, and the great story of the characters developing throughout! It shows that the elderly still have a meaning, and still can have a good story, and that relationships, with time, develop. It also helps it has a whole bunch of the best actors and actresses in there :)

As for my favouraite actors, and actresses, there are a good few. But these two are probably the greatest:

Judi Dench. TV would't be the same without her! She is a true inspiration to me. I don't think any others are even comparible to her, in many ways. The number of character-types and different roles she can adapt her acting to is amazing. I've seen her in a lot, but she sticks out best in 'As Time GOes By' playing Jean Pargiter, and as M in James Bond! My favouraite actress, I'd say :)

Maggie Smith. Love her. She is my second favouraite. She has a great ability to play blunt characters, with good personalities! Downton Abbey just wouldn't be as good without her! And she also makes the Harry Potter films worth watching! ;) She's also a great part in the Marigold Hotel, and plays all her parts beautifully.

I don't think we realise quite how important drama is to our lives! I know I do it for GCSE and am a to-be drama A'Level student, but I honestly do think this. It is around us everywhere! Everytime we turn on the TV drama is there. It is on the radio, in music, and on theatre. The world wouldn't be the same without drama's ability to take us to another :')

Thanks for reading!

Yellow Jane