Monday, 7 January 2013

Music Taste

Music tastes vary. My mum says that no matter what you say, you cannot change someone's tastes in music, and that their opinion on music may change with time, but never because of others saying it's crap. I think this is true, I have evidence before me, with my friends, who every time I tell them whatever music we're discussing is rubbish, they will never change. (poor souls, I do try to guide the little dears, but, you know...);)
So here is my opinion: Five best (my opinion), five worst (opinion!)

The Best: (not nesseccarily in order)

1) Taylor Swift. (Bet my friends didn't guess that... ;) ) Her voice is beautiful, and unique. Her songs have real meaning! She's very successful, much more so than many would think, and has something special in her music.
2) Lady Gaga! :D An absolute party animal, does absolutely bizaare things, but hey, she has confidence! You've gotta be brave to dress up in raw meat on a magazine cover! But her songs are good. Rebellious, and although they are good to dance to, they also have a message behind most of her songs.
3) Take That (minus Robbie Williams)... They're albums 'The Circus' and the other one where they're in a desert on the album cover, are good albums, although I only like a few of their songs. And Garry Barlow has a good voice. I think I've Said It All, as far as Take That is concerned ;)
4) Lilly Allen  Her songs have a greater depth to them than just singing about love: she has a real good way of saying things, and her songs include many clever lyrics. She swears a bit, famously, but at least she uses it when it is almost, 'needed'.
5) ABBA Old, I know, but I listen to them. I've tried to keep it modern, but I can't leave them out, they're just too well known, especially since their 'come-back' with Mama Mia (which I thankfully never watched).

So that is my five, I think. Now comes the bad, the one's who in my opinion need to get off the stage:

1) One Direction... OMG! They're so bad, their song 'Little Things' is one of the worst songs I've EVER heard. And I've heard a lot of bad songs...
2) Cheryl Cole They've made the mistake of letting her sing live on several occasions :P
3) Liona Louis (Is that how you spell her name? Her song 'Keep Bleeding' consists of her rubbing herself on every piece of furniture available!!!
4) James Arthur Talentless! All there is to say.
5) Celo Green Once more, apologies for mispellings. His voice is so annoying! Every song he's sung is annoying!

So that's it folks, my opinion of music, the good, and the bad. Don't know if you'll agree, but frankly, I'm pretty sure I've got this right ;)

What are your opinions? *publishes blog knowing there will be no response whatsoever*