Thursday, 22 August 2013

The Mermaid

So... I apologise for the lack of activity. I am currently on holiday! I thought I would share my latest piece of artwork here. It has taken me ages to complete, and I'm very happy with the end result:
Why did I draw a mermaid? No reason. Just felt like it :) It was drawn with fineliner pens, over a basic 2-D pencil outline of the shapes of the figure and rock she is sitting on.

If you look closely (sorry the picture is quite small) you may see a tear in her eye. There is also a small scratch on her arm, and on the point of the rock to the left hand side, there is a locket hanging from the rock. My idea was that she was in love with a sailor, who gave her the locket, but now has to leave. They argued and she was cut, and now she sits on the rock weeping for him....
It's also meant to be night time, because of the stars, and the reasonably dark sky. So that's it I suppose, I really hope you like her!

Yellow Jane

Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Ink Bookmarks

These are two pieces of work I made especially for my friends birthdays, and thought I would share them on here to launch the new art-feel! They are made from inks, and are reasonably simple. Coloured inks are nice and runny, similar to water, so once you have a base layer of colour down, you can then decorate it with other colours on top.
The green and yellow one began as a yellow square. I then added a mixture of green, brown, red, turquoise, and more yellow one top. It was meant to look like a forests colour scheme.
The red and orange one began as a pink square. And then like above, I added blue more pink, orange, and some yellow, to get the effect of a Sunset over the sea, on a warm summers day.
I hope you like them! And I hope the people I made them for loved them too. I cut them out of the paper, so they can be used as bookmarks. Although I'm sure they can be imaginative, and think of other uses too, should they need to. ;)
Forest Greens

Sunset over Sea

Thank you for reading!
~Yellow Jane~