Who Are You, Yellow Jane?

So you have all read the top section about the blog, I assume, but here is somewhere where you can find out a bit more!

So, this is me, Yellow Jane. I am 16, and I live in England. I can speak English and I am pretty good at German, and reasonably good at Russian, although I'm no where near fluent, just yet.
My main hobbies are Art, Writing, Online Socialising, Ice Skating, and Language Learning. These are my passions without which, life would be awful, and totally not worth the struggle! Writing is what I am basing my future on, so I hope it will work out.

My plan is to move to Germany, and take up teaching English and Russian to achieve a steady income. Then I will write on the side, and hopefully become successful, and quit teaching to become a full time writer! This has been my aim for most of my life.

In real life, I am not popular but it is no biggie. I have a few good, worth while friends, rather than a whole load of shallow friends who don't mean anything to me. I also have some friends online, who I enjoy talking to. I think the internet is a great place for meeting people that otherwise you'd never get a chance to talk to!

If you asked me to describe my personality, I'm afraid you wouldn't get a very positive response. I am a dramatic person who enjoys speaking my mind. If someone's being an idiot, I'll make sure they know it. I have no loyalties to anyone except myself, although obviously I do care. To be honest I'm a bit of a loser, but that comes part-in-parcel with being a language loving, artistic 16 year old boy, I am guessing, because the 'cool' is doing stuff I totally hate.


Why Am I Called Yellow Jane?

This is my all time FAQ.
"You are a boy, why Jane?"
"You say your favourite colour is red, so why Yellow?"

Well do not fear, the answers are here.

You may have realised by my constant reminders of it I love to write! Well, whilst writing, I create many interesting characters, and places. One of my earliest creations (I say MY but it wouldn't have been complete without my sister!) was a fantasy world where magic was of course possible.

One of the main characters, one of my characters, was Yellow Jane. She was amazing, and I loved her from the start. She was the mysterious one who you never knew if she was good or bad, and where her loyalties lie is a mystery.

She was strong, and brave, yet did not attach herself to anything enough to get hurt when she lost something or someone.

I adopted the name as an internet persona and voila! You have the name 'Yellow Jane'.

I can be found on... Here... I am not on Twitter, because I deleted the account as I soon discovered Twitter was trash. I am on the Sims 3 Community as YellowJane, so if you play Sims, find me there! Apart from that, I do not have any prominent accounts, although I have reserved several usernames I never use!

Yellow Jane's Writing

I am not published, because I am 16 and have not actually tried. I have written one novel of 52,000 words, but after reading it back, it was not too pleasing, although not bad!

Currently I am working on a contemporary novel, and am nearly at 80,000 words. It is much better, and I will try to get it published on Kindle if not as a real book when it is completed! As usual, my head is FULL of ideas for Future Projects, and I will probably never have an empty head of ideas for books. Any writing updates will be on my blog here!

Yellow Jane's Art

I hope to be publishing pictures of my art work on here, to attract the artistic community. I work mainly in pencil, inks, or fine line pens. I'm not much of a painter, although I am always willing to give it a go! I am also quite good at papermaking, which I hope to improve on in the future, as it is an amazing art form.

Stay tuned for any work to be uploaded! I am hoping to share it here with everyone.

What Other Blogs Do I Run?

Currently, right this minute, none. But as you can see from the other pages at the top, I do have plans, but they are all WIP. I am planning on starting a blog where I will write about books I have read, reviewing them, if you like.

I also plan on beginning a history blog, to help people studying History by giving them a fully equipped timeline!
This blog is in the process of changing from 'yellowjaneriverstone.blospot.com' to simply 'yellowjane.com'. If my other blogs become successful in any way shape or form, I will consider purchasing the URL Names for those ones, too.

This blog you are reading now, on 'Home' will have all about my Life, my Art, and my Writing, as one thing. Although I hope people will read this blog now I have rebranded and updated it fully!

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