Saturday, 19 February 2011


If your stressed, get a voodoo doll, and stab it with pins.
This is what I was told, and so I acted upon my discovered knowledge.

I got a voodoo doll, with lots of silver pins. I looked at it and thought: Skills.
In the top there is a little slot to put a photo, of... well whoever you want!
I fiddled about with him, until I decided that voodoo doll or not, he must have a name.
Igor is not very classy, but it will do for a voodoo doll. It's not like he'll be wandering around introducing himself, saying: I'm Igor, nice to meet you, so the name does not have to be flashy, trendy, sexy, or cool, it just has to suit a doll made for stabbing pins into.

However, the problem is, who's photo to use? If you were seen taking photos of nasty teachers, you would undoubtedly find yourself in DETENTION or the RESPONSIBLE LEARNING CENTRE, (Medieval losers I know, thinking up something like that).
I don't always hate my elderly grandmother, despite her old fashioned-ness, but then I thought.... My dad has lots of pictures of himself......

Leave me to think of those evil thoughts circling my evil brain.

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  1. Ok... that is random, and you've already said evil. You do like to find enemies within your bloodline don't you?
    I'll put a blog up when I have the time, and something to write about.