Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Ink Bookmarks

These are two pieces of work I made especially for my friends birthdays, and thought I would share them on here to launch the new art-feel! They are made from inks, and are reasonably simple. Coloured inks are nice and runny, similar to water, so once you have a base layer of colour down, you can then decorate it with other colours on top.
The green and yellow one began as a yellow square. I then added a mixture of green, brown, red, turquoise, and more yellow one top. It was meant to look like a forests colour scheme.
The red and orange one began as a pink square. And then like above, I added blue more pink, orange, and some yellow, to get the effect of a Sunset over the sea, on a warm summers day.
I hope you like them! And I hope the people I made them for loved them too. I cut them out of the paper, so they can be used as bookmarks. Although I'm sure they can be imaginative, and think of other uses too, should they need to. ;)
Forest Greens

Sunset over Sea

Thank you for reading!
~Yellow Jane~

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