Tuesday, 3 September 2013

It's a Rainbow!

I have been testing out a new camera lens. SO excuse the rather dodgy pictures, as they are circled with the lens which I put on backwards and didn't set the focus to 100%. But I just wanted to share here these rainbow photos and see what anyone thought of them :)
I learned quickly that this lens does give some great effects and I'm looking forward to practising it out more and seeing just how much I can do! If you point it at the sun like in photo one, you get a whole blast, like a firework.
Whereas if the light just catches you at a glance, especially if you're behind a tree, you get a beautiful shimmering effect like in photo two!
Mainly I posted to warn you there is another (better!) photography post coming with a whole range of my photos from Tarr Steps, in black and white.
I hope you like my photos!

~Yellow Jane~


  1. Ooooh they're so pwetty :3 You know what I'm like with anything colourful! I look forward to seeing your Photography coursework! :D

    1. Well thank you! I am very pleased with the black and white ones up soon :3 Yes, photography coursework... Who knows what they'll think up to do!:)